We make lives better through innovation

We build SaaS products that help business owners drive real business growth. It’s our belief that people should have access to tools that allow them to spend less time doing tedious busy work and more time doing what they love—whether that means selling more, building customer loyalty, spending more time with family, or improving work-life balance.

Our current suite of products are built for direct sales organizations. They make it easy for at-home consultants to build stronger, more profitable businesses by helping them boost productivity, streamline inventory management and order fulfillment, increase sales, and uncover valuable customer and sales intelligence data. 

Climb helps LuLaRoe consultants streamline and automate the sales process on Facebook Live. It's fast, powerful, convenient, and delightfully simple.

What we're building

Powerful tools for those who need them most

We’re building tools for the solopreneurs. For the ones who aren’t satisfied with the status quo. For anyone who wants more out of life than to the traditional 9-5 job. We’re building tools for the aspiring entrepreneurs. For the hustlers. For anyone who dreams, sleeps, and eats their passion. We’re building tools for the people who can’t afford and, frankly, don’t need the big, expensive tools that are already out there. We’re building tools for the people that no one else is building tools for, because we believe they too deserve to taste and experience the joys and rewards of building a profitable, successful, and sustainable business.

TūlBot helps LuLaRoe consultants manage their inventory, accounting, and customer insights in a fraction of the time.

Our Team

Incredibly talented people behind the scenes

We’re a passionate group of co-founders with decades of experience working within organizations, and as entrepreneurs creating our own profitable businesses. Our combined history of working for other people and for ourselves has provided us with deep knowledge and a high level of expertise in the areas of business development, entrepreneurship, customer success, product development, marketing, sales, and growth. As co-founders of Upgrade, we are committed to putting everything we know into building delightfully simple products that help people manage and grow their own profitable businesses.
Stefan Wills
Co-founder / CEO
Paul Daugs
Co-founder / CIO
Rob Wormley
Co-founder / CMO
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